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Several days have gone by since you were buried the day after Mardi Gras, the happiest holiday of the year.With your face completely or even partially covered, your identity is hidden.The morally thick story is obviously written by Serling and it was directed by Ida Lupino, the first and only female director of a Twilight Zone episode.

Wealthy Jason Foster is dying and he invites his greedy heirs to a Mardi Gras party where they must wear the masks he specially had made for them or else be cut off from their inheritance.

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The family dislikes having to wear the ugly masks, but are reminded, it is a condition of their inheritance.

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The Masks A shared trait of many episodes of The Twilight Zone were that they were indictments against the worse side of human nature.

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By Erick Erickson In that episode, a man named Jason Foster demands his children wear masks for Mardi Gras.

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