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With a Miche purse, a woman buys one of the base handbag shells, like the popular Prima or Classic option, and then customizes it with shell-specific designs that she can change to suit her needs without buying a whole new purse.

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Rep (Kathy Levy) offered to replace but would have to add it onto a party.Bought a miche big bag on November 27, 2010 for 132.00 plus tax.Product Features works great for classic base bag (seller recommends for classic bag only).Cutting 2 pieces of dark fabric, which will be the inside that the original Miche cover flaps will be inserted into.

Distributors in many foreign countries also sold Miche and purchased products wholesale through the company.It is also heavily implied she was romantically involved with Decoy at some point.

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Find great deals on eBay for miche handbags and miche prima handbags.Exterior changeable Shells change the look of your handbag in 3 seconds or less.Miche Handbags Are A Unique Fashion Concept and are set to change the way we look at handbags completely.

In April of this year, Magnolia and Vine acquired the intellectual property rights for the Miche handbag in the USA.

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Miche bags fiona super cute the collector cool outfits miche bags fiona super cute the collector cool outfits miche classic shells emmie handbag shell designerpursesandbagshells handbags handbags miche bag interchangeable with 2 outer shells product thumbnail in stock.

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Your search for Miche Bag found: The search you have just made matched the the following results on Ebay and other vendors.Miche Bag Blog – 708-638-7160.

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The Miche bag has certainly gone a long way from when it was first developed in 2004.

Whether you are a teacher, student, parent or guardian, it is time to start thinking about the school year.And, while many women spend thousands of dollars for this kind of flexibility, owning a Miche base bag transforms a woman with even the most basic of wardrobes into the ultimate fashion chameleon.No worries--the versatile Miche bag is perfect for any occasion with a quick change of the outer shell.

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For Those Women Who Are Into Fashion, Miche Is The Brand To Keep On Your Christmas List.

Miche, LLC specialized in hand and shoulder bags based on a system of magnetic interchangeable bag covers (or Shells) and accompanying accessories.Should an extra set of handles or a shell need replacement, you only need to replace that one part of the fully interchangeable ensemble-not the entire handbag.

Then after the purchase, I thougth how stupid of me to spend that kind of money on a purse, when I actually make quilted handbags.I bought myself a Christmas present, a Miche bag and several covers.Fall product makes its debut on September 2, so number 14 on our countdown is Kacy.

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A bit thinner than an actual Miche shell, but they fit the bag perfectly.

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Read consumer reviews to see why people rate Miche Bag 3.4 out of 5.I just discovered the Miche handbag at a local shop and think the concept is awesome.

Products were available through Independent Sales Representatives across America who marketed products via Miche Parties and personal websites.The company itself has experienced massive growth since it was first launched in 2005 and reintroduced as a direct sales company in 2011.

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