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If you know about a studio that is not listed, please contact us.Aerial Open Gym: Open gym time is the perfect playtime for working out and practicing all your favorite aerial moves and tricks on the silks, lyra and trapeze.

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Aerial Yoga was discovered when a yoga instructor and aerial acrobat became curious about how the aerial silks could assist with a yoga practice.


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Work at your own pace as we learn climbs, inverts, locks, and slides every Sunday afternoon.Acrobatic and aerial arts combine with anti-gravity asana to create a type of exercise called aerial yoga.

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Aerial silks classes, led by Katie Nicole, will be small and intimate providing everyone room to learn and grow at their own pace.Silks, also called Fabric or Tissu, are one long piece of fabric attached in the middle to the ceiling to create two long tails.

I live on the eastern end of Long Island in New York and it is unfortunate how they do not offer any aerial or pole classes nearby.Students will learn basic climbs, locks, hangs, inversions and wraps tailored to their individual skill and fitness level with an emphasis on safety and proper technique.

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We offer a teen class for ages 11-15 on Thursday afternoons, which is a mixed Level 1-2 class on Silks and Lyra.Aerial Rig Portable Silks Complete Setup Fabric Tissu Hardware Carabiner Rescue8 Terminal8 Swivel Aerial Yoga Hammock Lyra Trapeze hoop tape.Class will be held in our indoor location in South Williamsburg.

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Learn the proper form for balancing on your hands Improve balance, and core and upper body strength as you practice handstands Enjoy a fun and relaxed environment for a perfect workout.

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Aerial Silks is a modern circus performance art in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from special silk fabric.In an Aerial Yoga class, we use the aerial silk hammock to assist and challenge our yoga.Flight Risk Aerials Aerial Silks Classes Fly your way to fitness with our Aerial Silks classes.This is where one quester, Bloom Davis, did a ukulele number while dangling upside-down from aerial silks.Recently, I found out that she actually teaches classes to people who want to learn aerial silks at The Art of Fitness in Astoria, New York.

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So head to A eon Aerial Arts Academy for some fun, laughs, and a great experience.

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Work between the ground and air, using the suspended fabrics to build strength and core stability.With some modifications to the aerial silks, including hanging it like a hammock and low to the ground, aerial yoga that is accessible to anyone was created.

Aerial is a fun way to explore your creativity, strength, flexibility, and have a good time.